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EPM should be your advertising agency of choice when you are looking to grow your company’s revenue. With decades of experience achieving ROI for Fortune 500 and other major brands, EPM is uniquely qualified to build custom sales lead generation campaigns for our Advertiser’s. We can design and host custom landing pages for your campaign, or drive CPC traffic to your website, all with ROI and achieving your targeted metrics in mind. Call us today to learn how we can help!

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  • Originating: Understanding Reverse Mortgage Leads

    Originating: Understanding Reverse Mortgage Leads

    When I first started generating and selling Internet leads in 1995, training sales teams to work them had an extra challenge we don’t have now: First we had to explain what the Internet was and then sell them a computer so they could work the leads! These days, our firm generates and delivers more than 10,000 exclusive reverse mortgage leads per month to a lender you may be working for or with. Since the ’90s, most people have used the Web to research products, review them and ultimately make a buying decision based on what they’ve read and learned. The Web is a double-edged sword in this regard, as there... Read More »read more »

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